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Department of Community Medicine

    A. VISION To develop a group of medical graduate who will be proactive in identifying and responding to public health challenges the society is facing.

    B. MISSION To bring out a group of Medical Graduates who can practice the science of medicine with Social responsibility and social accountability and provide cost effective, value based comprehensive health care.

    C. GOAL To equip the students to function efficiently and effectively as first level physicians in the community in accordance with the committed vision and mission of community medicine.

    D. GENERAL AND SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES To train Medical Students with knowledge, attitude and skills required to become doctors with empathy and who can effectively function as healthcare providers, decision makers, communicators, community leaders and managers in rural and urban settings.

    * There are 70 charts, 74 specimens, 366 slides, number of equipments and specimens for identification are 80 and 10 models are available at the department.
    * The department of Community Medicine is involved in teaching of 3rd and 4th B.H.M.S. Students.
    * This department is very well ventilated and spacious.
    * We provide excellent student friendly teaching environment.
    * We have a departmental library with good number of reference books for relevant subject.
    * Our student enthusiastically takes part in so many departmental activities-for examples: - to prepare charts, models etc.
    * We are also arranging quiz and seminars and presentations for our students and they all lively participate in all the activities.
    * We are also arranging Educational Field Visits To 1. Water Purification Plant, 2. Milk Pasteurization Plant, 3. Industrial Unit, 04. Sewage treatment Plant, 05. Primary Health Center, 06. Infectious Diseases Hospital.
    * The subject is taught by proper integration of Community Medicine with our Organon of Medicine & Meteria Medica so the students get very sound knowledge.
    * The departmental work and Lectures are arranged according to C.C.H. norms.
    * The department is one of the best units for students to gain adequate knowledge and experience the joyful learning.
    * We are making learning easy and palatable.
    * With our well equipped department, the faculty of Community Medicine has become one of the most cutting-edge centers for research & development. So take the first step towards a vibrant journey in Medical Practice.

    This department is equipped with all necessary items as prescribed in the Homoeopathy Central Council (Minimum Standards Requirement of Homoeopathic College and attached Hospital) Regulations 2013.

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Dr. Manoj Ajmera




Community Medicine





Dr. Mital Gohil




Community Medicine





Dr. Bharat Patel




Guest Faculty,
Community Medicine